Zaragoza museums


of an Exhibition

by claire simonet

Published on November 26, 2007

  • Description:

    With the “EXPO Zaragoza 2008” coming, i visited Zaragoza last month and discovered interesting museums. The best one is the “Theatro de Caesaraugusta”. The museum is an open-air archaelogic site (a roman theater) in the middle of the city centre. It is a quite amazing location regarding the “furious” growth of the city and the housing market that is nearly as expensive as at Paris! The building itself is simple but the facade facing the seats of the theater is used for film projection (at night)The film projected is not a museum film, it can be an Almodovar…the museum fosters cultural events in a magestic layout. The other museums of the city are built on the same idea: a walk in sites of the past. Most of them are underground, it’s like visiting the backstage of the city. The negative point is that there’s very little information in English but the plans and signages are good enough the get you in the storyline and help you to built your own view over the ruins. The entrance of the antique forum is also very aesthetic at night, walls made of alabaster are back lit…

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