Who Are You Peter?

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Case Study

of an Exhibit

by Stephane Bezombes

Published on November 01, 2010, Modified on November 14, 2010

  • Description and goals

    “Who are you Peter ?” is the opening question of this temporary exhibition, who invite visitors to travel a country where childhood fantasy and creative dialogue inspired and galvanize. Peter Pan is the boy who refuses to grow up. He lives in childhood as you live the utopia without worrying about the impossible, limitations or human fate.

    Thirteen contemporary artists invest the Espace Louis Vuitton in choosing to explore each aspect of the myth, outlining the overall profile of the troublemaker. Installing Melonie Hennessy enters the time and Laurent Pernot considers death and eternity. Virginia Yassef into a giant nugget of gold, opens elsewhere Arnaud Kalos evokes a film where shadows burst into the treasure of childhood. Gregory Bourdeille addresses the pirates by surprise, Jerome Zonder ventures to the magnitude of love and hate when the Chinese Ji Ji dream falls to earth. Jean-Philippe Illanes present in the window of the rue de Bassano, the home of Peter Pan where objects have been funny diversion. Argentina Marina Caro imagined utopias of education and the video of the hydrophilic (giant stuffed) by Nicolas Julliard probe reaches abyssal. Janaina Tschäpe offers ecology Neverland, Peter Pan Island where Lothar Hempel staged charades and Michel François constructs ideas.

    iPad interpretation tool and game
    An exclusive iPad application have been developped for sensitize young people to contemporary art and artists interpretation. As a part of the contemporary art exhibition, the iPad application was intended for children ages 8 to 12. This application is designed to promote the awareness of young audiences to the art of exhibition and transmission of artists voices. The theme of the exhibition – journey through childhood – is the frame of a treasure hunt for a period of time that takes place in the exhibition space with 8 iPad available free of charge .

    Children can create a narrative and by grouping all of the proposals generated during a trip, the application allows to build a vision from the perspective of young public on exhibition. At the end of the individual tour, bring all the iPad together makes one big image and an artist vision of New Peter Pan.

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