Vision: The Precious Treasure

Topic: Life Sciences Subtopic: Human Body

Case Study

of an Exhibition

by Wendy Pollock

Published on April 10, 2007, Modified on June 14, 2011

  • Description and goals

    This exhibition gave visitors a chance to examine their own eyes more closely and to learn about tools used by eye care specialists. A section on the aging eye examined both normal changes and major eye diseases most commonly associated with old age. The exhibition also featured some devices used in treating eye diseases and coping with low vision that were new at the time, like intraocular lenses and talking clocks.

  • Development process and challenges

    The exhibition was developed collaboratively by ASTC and Jeff Kennedy & Associates, soon after Jeff established an independent design firm.

  • Exhibition Opened: 1985

  • Traveling Exhibition: Yes

  • Size: Less than 1,000

  • Other funding source(s): Metropolitan Life Foundation (now MetLife)

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