Vicki Coats

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am currently Manager of Exhibit Research and Development at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).


  • More about me

  • Highlights of my 20+ years at OMSI include major exhibit projects on environmental issues, natural history, assistive technology, and human biology. During my time at the museum I have learned to love collaborative projects and barely kick or scream at all any more. My interest with museum collaboration began with the NSF-funded Exhibit Research Collaborative (ERC). I authored a book based on the work of the ERC, "Seeking Synergy: Creating a Museum Collaborative That Works,” and have presented on museum collaboration at conferences in Canada and Germany. My newest collaborative venture is the Small Museum Research Collaborative (SMRC), a partnership between OMSI and five small museums to create more audience-appropriate small traveling exhibits. In my free time I feed and clothe two growing teenage boys and an overworked middle school science teacher.

  • Amazing Feats of Aging

    Amazing Feats of Aging

    Case Study

    by Vicki Coats Published February 20 2009

    Amazing Feats of Aging presents the biology of senescence to families and K–12 students through interactive exhibits and museum experiences. Senescence is perhaps the most complex and least understood biological process, yet it is also a universal...