Viaggio nel corpo umano (Travelling inside the human body)


of an Exhibition

by Graziano Scotto di Clemente

Published on May 29, 2009

  • Description:

    Every year some classes of this Italian secondary school (pupils 11-14 years old) organize an exhibit on different scientific topics and open their exhibits to the classes of the primary schools near the Coletti school.
    This year the teachers (Sandra Turra and Rossella Bettiol) choose to prepare a travel inside the Human body.
    1. From the macroscope organs to the organic molecules (models…)
    2. Experiences on digestion (with saliva, pepsin, iodine solution…)
    3. Models of small intestine
    4. Models of lungs and experiences on breathing
    5. Models of heart valves
    6. Experiences on touch sense
    7. Fingers mark
    8. How to see the sound…
    9. How the sound run…
    10. The visual perception
    11. The CO2 in the respiration and in the combustion.
    12. Cell models with real world objects.
    13. Bones.
    14. Models of the central nervous system.
    This exhibition is an activity of the European LongLife Program Project “SMILe” (Science and Mathematics Interactive Learning).
    SMILe is a Comenius project between two Italian schools, one Greek school, one Polish school and one Estonian school: the project has this url:
    Here you can find mathematical and science activities.

    You can visit the documentation (in Italian) about the previous exhibitions on the website of the school:

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