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by Megan Southwood

Published on April 09, 2010

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    If you haven’t been to the Library of Congress in awhile, you might notice some changes. Upon entering the library, visitors can watch a narrated visual presentation of the library’s collections on a multi-screen media display.

    The Library of Congress has also added several interactive monitors throughout The Great Hall and exhibition spaces, which allow visitors to search the collections, explore the space around them, go on a quest for hidden treasures or build their own electronic collection using a “Passport to Knowledge,” which can be picked up at the visitor’s desk.

    The Passport to Knowledge program has been a huge success. Not only does the booklet allow visitors to build their own collections, which can then be accessed on from home, but the document also includes a pull-out map, detailed exhibition information and a page where visitors can get their passport stamped to mark their visit.

    Before you leave, be sure to visit the remarkable Gutenberg and Mainz Bibles, which mark the end of the handwritten book. In keeping with the progression of technology, check out the neighboring interactives, which allow you to explore digital pages from these books.

    The Library of Congress has created a unique experience through the Library of Congress Experience initiative.

    Check out the Library of Congress website for more information.

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