The Deep


of an Exhibition

by Mark Walhimer

Published on July 31, 2008, Modified on September 28, 2015

  • Description:

    A friend reccomended that I visit the Hong Kong Science Center. Went on a Wednesday night, Wednesday is the free night at the Museum. Lots of families and young couples on dates. I started at the top floor and worked my way from the third floor to the basement. The Museum has lots Exploratorium Cookbook exhibits. As I was leaving the basement I noticed “The Deep” exhibition. I walked in and at first I thought it was an exhibition about movie props. Doubled back and read the intro panel and watched the intro video and then started going through the exhibition.

    The exhibition is divided into sections, by ocean depth, with a video at the end showing the species in their habitats. It was facinating viewing the species and learning about the ways they adapted to their environments. After I went through once, I doubled back and went through a second and third time and noticed many visititors doing the same.

    I loved the exhibition, it felt like I had visited “another planet”, it was hard to believe these creatures live on our planet. I appreciated the tone of the exhibition it was not sensational, just factual, which made it that much more interesting. The exhibition is approximetly 30’ by 70’ or 2100 square feet, I spent 40 minutes in the gallery and many visitors were spending longer.

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