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  1. Museum of Civilization: Water and Stone

    Museum of Civilization: Water and Stone


    by Wendy Pollock Published July 29 2007

    The spectacular view down into the Grand Hall with its totem poles and house fronts is the iconic experience at Ottawa's Museum of Civilization/Musee des Civilisations. What the photographs don't convey is how it feels to come upon the hall as you move...

  2. Take Your Time, Olafur Eliasson

    Take Your Time, Olafur Eliasson


    by Katherine Whitney Published March 07 2008

    How do you get strangers to interact in an art museum? Create dynamic spaces filled with light, color, water (even darkness) and no labels! I recently went to see the Olafur Eliasson exhibit at SFMOMA and I felt like I was at the Exploratorium. I went...

  3. Water: H2O = Life

    Water: H2O = Life

    Case Study

    by Bette Schmit Published April 29 2009

    Water: H2O = Life offers visitors the fascinating story of water’s influence on Earth and, simultaneously, a cautionary tale of growing demands on an essential and limited resource. Using a full palette of interpretive techniques—natural history and...

  4. Garden of the Five Senses

    Garden of the Five Senses


    by Wendy Pollock Published August 21 2009

    Midcoast Maine is beautiful even in its uncultivated state, with its granite cliffs, rugosa roses, and fragrant balsam firs. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens make the most of their location, not far from Boothbay - and the Garden of the Five Senses,...

  5. Riveropolis



    by Justine Roberts Published February 20 2010

    I return to Riveropolis again and again as a point of reference and inspiration. Strictly speaking, Riveropolis is a temporary water feature by artist Gregory Gavin. What makes it charming and special is that the sculpture is actually co-created by...

  6. Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Case Study

    by Justine Roberts Published September 30 2010

    Lookout Cove, a 2-acre outdoor exhibit and the largest exhibit at BADM, was part of a larger redesign of the Museum to realize a new conceptual framework: My Place By The Bay. There was huge potential with this exhibit for a number of reasons. (1)...

  7. Water: Our Thirsty World

    Water: Our Thirsty World


    by Maraya Cornell Published June 22 2010

    The salient impression I had when I visited the Annenberg Space for Photography for the first time was that it doesn't provide a lot of space for photography. By photography, I mean still images captured on film and rendered on some static medium, such...