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  1. Old Masters Picture Gallery in Second Life

    Old Masters Picture Gallery in Second Life


    by Jim Spadaccini Published September 19 2007

    Second Life for those who haven't heard of it, is a popular, Internet-based virtual world. Registered users create their own avatars, interact with other users, and even build structures and spaces. I've ventured into Second Life (abbreviated as...

  2. Ten Cubed

    Ten Cubed

    Case Study

    by Haydn Shaughnessy Published February 26 2008

    We set out to create an exhibition space in a virtual environment that brought real life design values - ie the form would in some way improve the functionality - into the virtual world. We wanted a virtual exibition space that clearly worked in some...

  3. The Tech Virtual Test Zone: Art, Film & Music

    The Tech Virtual Test Zone: Art, Film & Music


    by Paul Orselli Published June 15 2008

    I visited the Tech Virtual Test Zone with a bit of trepidation --- Second Life (SL) is just not my (digital, virtual) cup of tea. How would the premise of the Tech's experiment, namely, to use Second Life as a collaborative means to develop and...

  4. Avatar


    Case Study

    by Carlo Maiolini Published August 03 2009

    The interactive exhibition AVATAR aims to inform a wide audience about the technology, the anthropology and the philosophy around online virtual worlds. More in particular AVATAR aims to foster a discussion on the social and cultural implications of...