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  1. Giant Ears

    Giant Ears


    by Tom Nielsen Published June 22 2007

    About a year ago, I had the chance to spend an afternoon at Experimentarium, the science museum in Copenhagen, and I enjoyed the visit very much. Like many science centers, a good portion of the exhibits were variations of displays first developed...

  2. Pictures of Sound

    Pictures of Sound

    Case Study

    by David Bailey Published June 25 2007

    One of the toughest challenges we had working on the Wild Music exhibition was adhering to our goal of creating exhibits that were accessible to visually impaired people. Knowing that the primary activity for many of the exhibits would be listening to...

  3. Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Case Study

    by Wendy Pollock Published April 10 2007

    Wild Music explores evidence for the biological origins of music through highly interactive exhibits and exceptional sound experiences—and in the process, expands our understandings of what makes music.

  4. Playing the Building: An Installation by David Byrne

    Playing the Building: An Installation by David Byrne


    by Beth Redmond-Jones Published June 21 2008

    I was recently in New York and remembered hearing about David Byrne's sound installation at the Battery Maritime Building. Since we had time to spare before our ferry to Staten Island arrived, my family and I took some time to check this out and I'm...

  5. Be Here Now

    Be Here Now

    Case Study

    by Diane Whitmore Published December 09 2008

    How can a developer design a meditative space in a noisy environment like the Exploratorium? In this case study, I'll expose the process and decision points that led to a surprisingly minimal acoustical treatment. At Be Here Now, an exhibit in the...

  6. Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms

    Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms


    by Rachel Bernstein Published December 30 2008

    I could hear the exhibition "Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms" before I could see it. Ethereal, haunting, melodic, the music wafted from the dark room into the sunlit entryway of the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The exhibition was...

  7. Viaggio nel corpo umano (Travelling inside the human body)

    Viaggio nel corpo umano (Travelling inside the human body)


    by Graziano Scotto di Clemente Published May 29 2009

    Every year some classes of this Italian secondary school (pupils 11-14 years old) organize an exhibit on different scientific topics and open their exhibits to the classes of the primary schools near the Coletti school. This year the teachers (Sandra...

  8. America I AM: The African American Imprint

    America I AM: The African American Imprint


    by Kara Hershorin Published March 02 2011

    Last year I passed up a chance to visit the blockbuster exhibition, Terra Cotta Warriors. Determined not to miss another epic exhibit, I visited the award-winning touring show America I AM: The African American Imprint at the National Geographic...

  9. Looking at Music 3.0

    Looking at Music 3.0


    by Amanda Salles Published March 27 2011

    Sounds blaring from every display, each wall obnoxiously painted in a different “tasteless” color, no benches allowing a quiet personal reflective moment…The exhibit, Looking at Music 3.0 at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), is nothing if...

  10. Wave Organ

    Wave Organ


    by Wendy Pollock on June 02, 2011

    To find the Wave Organ, you have to walk on past the Exploratorium to the rocky shore of San Francisco Bay. In this 2008 News 10 report, you can listen in - and hear artist Peter Richards talk about...

  11. Tudor House Museum & Garden

    Tudor House Museum & Garden

    Case Study

    by Mark Magidson Published August 22 2011

    Working with the local authority client, Exhibition Plus have produced an entirely new interpretation scheme for this 800 year old site. Working with the SCC in house team, architects Purcell Miller Tritton, Focus Consultants, Centre Screen...

  12. Out Quiet Yourself

    Out Quiet Yourself


    by Wendy Pollock Published February 03 2012

    This is one of those simple ideas that starts with an experience most children have had: trying to walk really quietly. It adds a note of challenge and competition and makes its point quickly. Part of a collection called Listen, which was developed...