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  1. Digiark



    by Nina Simon Published August 19 2010

    This is a review of the Digiark gallery, not the specific exhibition currently on display. I first posted a version of this on the Museum 2.0 blog here: http://museumtwo.blogspot.com/2010/08/take-seat-beautiful-casual-areas-at.html The Digiark...

  2. Picasso



    by Winifred Kehl Published January 12 2011

    I went to see Picasso at SAM during First Thursday, when tickets were half price. I was expecting the exhibit hall to be so packed as to prevent movement, and had been warned that I might see very little of the paintings themselves. I was pleasantly...

  3. reOrder: An Architectural Environment, designed by Situ Studio

    reOrder: An Architectural Environment, designed by Situ Studio


    by David Wells Published March 28 2011

    The Brooklyn Museums central pavilion is beautiful example of classic architecture and has housed many exhibitions since it opened in the early 20th century. Presently they are showcasing an architectural exhibit called reOrder: An Architectural...