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  1. Parabolic Spinners

    Parabolic Spinners

    Case Study

    by Paul Orselli Published May 01 2007

    This exhibit started because we had some simple wooden spinning "turntables" we didn't know what to do with. (Prototyping 101: Keep lots of cool junk around. And duct tape. And 2-Ton Epoxy.) After fiddling around with attaching various containers...

  2. Preview Center, Center for Creative Connections

    Preview Center, Center for Creative Connections

    Case Study

    by Kathleen McLean Published August 01 2007

    The Preview Center was a temporary installation at the Dallas Museum of Art, designed to show visitors and funders what the new DMA's Center for Creative Connections (CCC or C3) will be like when it opens in 2008. It was organized around the ideas that...

  3. Try It! Lab

    Try It! Lab

    Case Study

    by Dave Stroud Published February 22 2010

    The Try It! Lab started as a supplemental exhibit to a small exhibition of about a dozen rented physical science exhibits in a too big space. I asked to move my team, including myself, into the space. It grew into something elseā€¦ Description and...