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  1. Fossil Lab

    Fossil Lab


    by Margaret Middleton Published October 01 2010

    I originally wrote this as a blog post about how one of the exhibits at the Museum of Earth is exemplifying the first of the Six Strands of Informal...

  2. The World's Largest Dinosaurs

    The World's Largest Dinosaurs


    by Debi Linton Published May 26 2011

    When I first realised that the latest exhibition at the American Museum of Natural history was going to feature a video in the centre of an open space, my heart sank. I envisioned a room of noise, with exhibits competing with each other, and the video...

  3. Fossil Mysteries / Misterios fósiles

    Fossil Mysteries / Misterios fósiles

    Case Study

    by Nan Renner Published June 21 2012

    Fossil Mysteries is about… The changing life and landscapes of one place through time— southern California and Baja California— from dinosaur times to the Ice Ages. Science is a process of asking questions and looking for answers. Look...