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  1. Wildlife Challenge

    Wildlife Challenge


    by Paul Orselli Published July 19 2008

    My three sons (ages 13, 10, and 8) gave Liberty Science Center's outdoor exhibition called "Wildlife Challenge" a whirl recently, and they had a great time. There are many high-minded arguments that science centers make about their exhibits being...

  2. BioQuest Woods

    BioQuest Woods

    Case Study

    by Roy Griffiths Published September 05 2008

    BioQuest is a 10-acre track within the Museum of Life and Science’s 84-acre site, where lush wetland, woodland and field habitats have been transformed into an exquisite outdoor learning environment by two exhibitions. Explore the Wild is located...

  3. Riveropolis



    by Justine Roberts Published February 20 2010

    I return to Riveropolis again and again as a point of reference and inspiration. Strictly speaking, Riveropolis is a temporary water feature by artist Gregory Gavin. What makes it charming and special is that the sculpture is actually co-created by...

  4. Destination Argentina

    Destination Argentina


    by Joanna Fisher Published April 19 2010

    Visits by Joanna Fisher, Lisa Thompson, Dawn Farkas, Tim Lee, Blake Wigdahl, Mark Ellis, David Stroud, Wendy Aston, Sandy Inman, Tammy Spicer and Carolyn Crowley. Between Feb 9- Apr 13 This is a group of Exhibit people from about 5 different museums...

  5. Heaven and Earth II

    Heaven and Earth II


    by Beth Kelley Published July 03 2010

    The Heaven and Earth II Exhibit is a outdoor sculpture exhibition being put on at Carkeek Park in Seattle, WA. It is sponsored by the COCA (Center on Contemporary Art), the Associated Recreational Council, and Seattle Parks and Recreation. It is the...

  6. Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Case Study

    by Justine Roberts Published September 30 2010

    Lookout Cove, a 2-acre outdoor exhibit and the largest exhibit at BADM, was part of a larger redesign of the Museum to realize a new conceptual framework: My Place By The Bay. There was huge potential with this exhibit for a number of reasons. (1)...

  7. Underland



    by Justine Roberts Published February 15 2011

    The outdoor exhibit space in Providence strikes me as a real challenge. It is long and narrow, wrapping around the corner of the building in an L. It is sandwiched between the building and the parking lot without much buffer - no break of trees for...

  8. Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail

    Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail


    by Megan Keller Published July 04 2011

    Although not really a museum, I recently was able to experience the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail just outside of Moab, Utah on public lands operated by the Bureau of Land Management. This interpretive trail of about a half-mile round trip features...