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  1. de-re-/con-struct(ur)ed_LANG(U)agE


    Case Study

    by fratha Published May 22 2007

    The faculty to speak and the reflection about one's language are inherent characteristics of human beings. According to Ferdinand de Saussure's thesis human language can be divided into three fundamental aspects: the biological preconditions for...

  2. Preschool Launch Pad

    Preschool Launch Pad

    Case Study

    by Paul Orselli Published May 07 2007

    After the New York Hall of Science added a grand new building addition to its existing facilities, including a dedicated Preschool Gallery, many outdoor areas immediately adjacent to the new construction were underutilized. The Hall's Education...

  3. Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact

    Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact


    by Paul Orselli Published July 20 2007

    Given the monumental scope, both literally and figuratively, of the subject matter, the new Skyscaper exhibition at LSC delivers on both the design and content fronts. The visual design of the gallery is striking. Very large (and tall!)...

  4. Avatar


    Case Study

    by Carlo Maiolini Published August 03 2009

    The interactive exhibition AVATAR aims to inform a wide audience about the technology, the anthropology and the philosophy around online virtual worlds. More in particular AVATAR aims to foster a discussion on the social and cultural implications of...