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  1. Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Case Study

    by Wendy Pollock Published April 10 2007

    Wild Music explores evidence for the biological origins of music through highly interactive exhibits and exceptional sound experiences—and in the process, expands our understandings of what makes music.

  2. Tree Top Walkway and Rhizotron

    Tree Top Walkway and Rhizotron

    Case Study

    by Will Jackson Published July 23 2008

    In 2007 we were commissioned to provide creative installations for the new Tree Top Walkway, Rhizotron passageway and Plaza at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, London. When I first started thinking about this exciting projectÂ…doodling on the back...

  3. Virginia Museum of Natural History permanent exhibits

    Virginia Museum of Natural History permanent exhibits

    Case Study

    by Ryan Barber Published March 17 2009

    Exhibits Description: There are two major permanent exhibition galleries at the Virginia Museum of Natural History: "Uncovering Virginia", and the "Lee & George W. Lester, II How Nature Works gallery". These newly-opened galleries total 5,336 square...

  4. Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Lookout Cove Outdoor Exhibit

    Case Study

    by Justine Roberts Published September 30 2010

    Lookout Cove, a 2-acre outdoor exhibit and the largest exhibit at BADM, was part of a larger redesign of the Museum to realize a new conceptual framework: My Place By The Bay. There was huge potential with this exhibit for a number of reasons. (1)...

  5. Belize Zoo

    Belize Zoo


    by Justine Roberts Published January 10 2011

    In Belize many of the environment education and exhibition projects are the project of a private business or (often) expat American or Canadian. The Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Houses, Natural History Museum, Iguana Breeding and Education Center, and...

  6. Sexual Nature

    Sexual Nature


    by Andrea Bandelli Published February 17 2011

    When it comes to exhibitions, sex is a big taboo for science museums. Sometimes they dare to dedicate a small set of exhibits or displays to the topic, usually looking only at the reproductive function of sex without including also the emotional and...

  7. Science Discovery at Yayasan

    Science Discovery at Yayasan

    Case Study

    by Laura Davies Published February 24 2008

    AquaticaKK is an Aquarium and Science Discovery Centre currently under construction in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and is scheduled to open later this year. The free Exhibition at Yayasan Sabah was held for the week following Chinese New...