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  1. Mind



    by Eric Siegel Published August 27 2007

    We visited Explo with four kids ranging in age from 8-16. For two of them (our kids, 15 y/o twin girls), it was their first visit to the Exploratorium. Unprompted, the 15 y/o girls described MIND as their favorite exhibition. This is in the midst of...

  2. Mind


    Case Study

    by Erik Thogersen Published September 24 2008

    A new collection of exhibits focusing on the human Mind opened at the Exploratorium in November 2007. The exhibition focuses on three areas of psychology; attention, emotion, and judgment. This case study is not an attempt to describe the whole...

  3. Be Here Now

    Be Here Now

    Case Study

    by Diane Whitmore Published December 09 2008

    How can a developer design a meditative space in a noisy environment like the Exploratorium? In this case study, I'll expose the process and decision points that led to a surprisingly minimal acoustical treatment. At Be Here Now, an exhibit in the...