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  1. Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World

    Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World

    Case Study

    by Karina White Published June 22 2009

    "Beautiful Science" is a permanent, 2500sf library exhibition that aims to present highlights from the history of science in intriguing and accessible ways. Our primary goal: To make a (truly) engaging library exhibition, bringing the books &...

  2. Mark Twain: A Skeptic's Progress

    Mark Twain: A Skeptic's Progress


    by Dawn Eshelman Published December 30 2010

    What would Mark Twain think of today’s experiential museum, filled with gadgets and interwoven with social media? I imagine a huff, a puff on a cigar, and a head of disheveled white hair turning away to gaze out over the porch while crafting a...

  3. Thomas Jefferson Building

    Thomas Jefferson Building


    by theresa keefe Published February 17 2010

    When I am in an exhibition I have a burning desire to touch objects. I want to take a magnifying glass to them and scrutinize the surface. I want to know how and why it was made. I want to know what is soooo great about this object that it is under a...