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  1. Preschool Launch Pad

    Preschool Launch Pad

    Case Study

    by Paul Orselli Published May 07 2007

    After the New York Hall of Science added a grand new building addition to its existing facilities, including a dedicated Preschool Gallery, many outdoor areas immediately adjacent to the new construction were underutilized. The Hall's Education...

  2. Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

    Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

    Case Study

    by Ed Rodley Published March 07 2008

    The Museum of Science, Boston, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, Ltd. created a national traveling exhibition on science and technology themes depicted in the Star Wars movies. The exhibition builds upon the popular attraction of the Star Wars movies to...

  3. Pictures of Sound

    Pictures of Sound

    Case Study

    by David Bailey Published June 25 2007

    One of the toughest challenges we had working on the Wild Music exhibition was adhering to our goal of creating exhibits that were accessible to visually impaired people. Knowing that the primary activity for many of the exhibits would be listening to...

  4. Invention at Play

    Invention at Play

    Case Study

    by Gretchen Jennings Published June 07 2007

    Developed by the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, this exhibition aims to bring a fresh perspective to the topic of invention,...

  5. The Discovery Room

    The Discovery Room

    Case Study

    by Judith White Published August 16 2007

    The first Discovery Room opened in 1974 in a spacious light-filled corner room next to the exhibit halls in the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. The Room was the first place in a museum devoted to collections, where visitors were allowed to...

  6. Darkened Waters: Profile of an Oil Spill

    Darkened Waters: Profile of an Oil Spill

    Case Study

    by Kathleen McLean Published January 09 2008

    INTRODUCTION The November 2007 oil spill in the San Francisco Bay was an ugly deja vu. As I read about the initial collision report, the first emergency response, the rising anger of powerless citizens, and the desperate attempts of oiled seabirds to...

  7. Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Case Study

    by Wendy Pollock Published April 10 2007

    Wild Music explores evidence for the biological origins of music through highly interactive exhibits and exceptional sound experiences—and in the process, expands our understandings of what makes music.

  8. Psychology Exhibition

    Psychology Exhibition

    Case Study

    by Gretchen Jennings Published May 03 2007

    By Gretchen Jennings The Psychology Exhibition was created as the major public education initiative of the American Psychological Association (APA) in celebration of its centennial in 1992. The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto was selected by APA...

  9. Try It! Lab

    Try It! Lab

    Case Study

    by Dave Stroud Published February 22 2010

    The Try It! Lab started as a supplemental exhibit to a small exhibition of about a dozen rented physical science exhibits in a too big space. I asked to move my team, including myself, into the space. It grew into something else… Description and...

  10. Tree Top Walkway and Rhizotron

    Tree Top Walkway and Rhizotron

    Case Study

    by Will Jackson Published July 23 2008

    In 2007 we were commissioned to provide creative installations for the new Tree Top Walkway, Rhizotron passageway and Plaza at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, London. When I first started thinking about this exciting project…doodling on the back...

  11. Wanted


    Case Study

    by Kaia Landon Published March 05 2012

    Wanted was an attempt to get the community more involved with the museum by soliciting help identifying people, places, and things in photographs in the museum's collection. The exhibition included 50 photographs selected from photographs with the...