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  1. Art Sparks Interactive Gallery

    Art Sparks Interactive Gallery


    by Beth Redmond-Jones Published April 12 2007

    This interactive art space was a real find and a popular place with my family. It is the first time that we have gone to an art museum as a family and all family members have been engaged and have had a positive experience. The interactives and...

  2. Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells

    Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published April 09 2007

    Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells is a computer-based interactive exhibit developed by California Science Center and Ideum. The exhibit in-depth information in three basic areas: “How fuel cells work” uses 3D animation to explain the chemical...

  3. North by Southwest: Interactive Kiosk

    North by Southwest: Interactive Kiosk

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published July 09 2007

    The kiosk exhibit in this case study shares the same name with the exhibit, North by Southwest: Bering Sea Communities, Collaborations and Collections. The exhibition is currently open at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology in Albuquerque, New Mexico....

  4. Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact

    Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact


    by Paul Orselli Published July 20 2007

    Given the monumental scope, both literally and figuratively, of the subject matter, the new Skyscaper exhibition at LSC delivers on both the design and content fronts. The visual design of the gallery is striking. Very large (and tall!)...

  5. Volkswagen's Autostadt

    Volkswagen's Autostadt

    Case Study

    by Rob morgan Published July 31 2007

    This was a series of exhibits developed to help guests understand what VW does to keep them safe, care for the environment, and build a quality product

  6. Jukebox Memories

    Jukebox Memories

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published December 05 2007

    Jukebox Memories is a computer-based exhibit that plays #1 hit songs from the years 1955 to 1995. It was originally developed as part of the Exploratorium's Memory exhibition. A simple "question and answer" format was developed to keep visitors...

  7. Be Kind Rewind

    Be Kind Rewind


    by LaShay Carr Published March 30 2008

    Extraordinaire Michel Gondry directed and produced the film "Be Kind Rewind" featuring Mos Def and Jack Black. There is an interactive installation of the film set at Deitch Gallery in Soho. You can make your own reenactments of your own self directed...

  8. Science Discovery at Yayasan

    Science Discovery at Yayasan

    Case Study

    by Laura Davies Published February 24 2008

    AquaticaKK is an Aquarium and Science Discovery Centre currently under construction in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and is scheduled to open later this year. The free Exhibition at Yayasan Sabah was held for the week following Chinese New...

  9. Gregg Interactive Learning Studio

    Gregg Interactive Learning Studio

    Case Study

    by Todd Kent Published October 02 2007

    The Seacoast Science Center has created a unique distance learning facility, a true a marine education Classroom of the Future. Building on the Center’s dramatic seaside location, long-standing track record for high quality field exploration and...

  10. You change the exhibition - Taranaki Culture

    You change the exhibition - Taranaki Culture

    Case Study

    by Eva Published November 19 2008

    "You change the exhibition" is a conceptual Museum 2.0 add-on for the upcoming exhibition "Taranaki Culture - Fresh out of the Box" at Puke Ariki Museum in New Zealand in 2009. It visualizes the interest of the museum visitors in each exhibition...

  11. GuidA Rotate at Tudor House

    GuidA Rotate at Tudor House

    Case Study

    by Mark Magidson Published January 31 2009

    This programme for Tudor House allows the visitor to explore this space as it is seen today and then able to see and interact with the room in three other past periods. It also allows for exploring rooms that are not open to the public. Developed...

  12. Preschool Launch Pad

    Preschool Launch Pad

    Case Study

    by Paul Orselli Published May 07 2007

    After the New York Hall of Science added a grand new building addition to its existing facilities, including a dedicated Preschool Gallery, many outdoor areas immediately adjacent to the new construction were underutilized. The Hall's Education...

  13. Hands on Democracy

    Hands on Democracy

    Case Study

    by Regan Forrest Published August 13 2009

    Hands on Democracy is a new permanent exhibition targeted at children and families, located within sections of Old Parliament House (OPH) in Canberra. As the seat of the Australian Federal Parliament from 1927-1988, OPH is one of Australia’s most...

  14. Moving Beyond Earth

    Moving Beyond Earth


    by Michael Lenahan Published February 12 2010

    The National Air and Space Museum (NASM) uses a series of digital technologies to reach audiences in its newest exhibition, “Moving Beyond Earth.” The exhibit is a work in progress, but the first stage of the gallery is open. It is...

  15. National Aquarium Washington DC

    National Aquarium Washington DC


    by Emma Lang Published February 14 2010

    The National Aquarium is often forgotten in the plethora of museums and visitor attractions Washington D.C. Tucked away in the basement of the Department of Commerce halfway between the National Museum of American History and the White House it is...