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  1. The terror house

    The terror house


    by Andrea Bandelli Published July 16 2008

    There are at least 3 aspects which have the potential to make the Terror House an outstanding institution: the location, which is the actual headquarters of the nazi and then communist secret police in Hungary; the museology, which is quite recent (the...

  2. Terror House  - (another look)

    Terror House - (another look)


    by Wayne LaBar Published September 14 2008

    This is an excerpt of a review for The Informal Learning Review (ILR) go there for the full review. Thanks Mac West Design The key to the experience is the design, its power and emotion, and it succeeds in incorporating architectural space,...

  3. House of Memory

    House of Memory


    by Kendra Percy Published March 18 2013

    C. Maxx Stevens: House of Memory, National Museum of American Indian-NY. Slip through a door beneath the splendor of the rotunda of Alexander Hamilton’s former home within the US Custom’s House, currently the National Museum of the...