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  1. Enginuity


    Case Study

    by Rob morgan Published July 31 2007

    Enginuity is an interactive design and technology centre in Shropshire, UK. It is the newest of the ten museums operated by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and was opened in 2002. The museum's exhibition floor is divided into four zones: Materials &...

  2. Hands on Democracy

    Hands on Democracy

    Case Study

    by Regan Forrest Published August 13 2009

    Hands on Democracy is a new permanent exhibition targeted at children and families, located within sections of Old Parliament House (OPH) in Canberra. As the seat of the Australian Federal Parliament from 1927-1988, OPH is one of Australia’s most...

  3. The Mill City Museum

    The Mill City Museum


    by Justine Roberts Published May 17 2010

    The Mill City Museum may be small but it packs a big punch. It is dense, fascinating and highly effective. The massive former industrial General Mills mill ran from 1880-1965. After 25 years sitting empty, it burned down in 1991. Today’s museum...