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  1. Mathematica: A World of Numbers and Beyond

    Mathematica: A World of Numbers and Beyond

    Case Study

    by Stephen Uzzo Published January 19 2009

    Mathematica was commissioned in 1961 by IBM for the new Science Wing at the California Museum of Science and Industry. 43 years later, the Hall of Science acquired this landmark exhibition on mathematics and premiered it at the opening of its North...

  2. "ring of fire" in math midway

    "ring of fire" in math midway


    by Eric Siegel on February 06, 2010

    this is very cool. It is a 4 foot or so diameter ring, with four red laser leds set in every 90 degrees. A kind of horizontal splitter is installed over each laser led. This creates a thin plane...

  3. Geometry Playground

    Geometry Playground


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published February 27 2011

    Geometry Playground is unusual in at least two respects. First, it focuses on math, a topic that is underrepresented in museum exhibits. Second, it’s a traveling exhibition committed to integrating a highly experiential approach. Produced by the...