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  1. Gold



    by Paul Orselli Published July 15 2007

    The traveling exhibition "Gold" is a wonderful example of a natural history exhibition that illustrates both the scientific and cultural aspects of the chosen subject. Gold is curated by the American Museum of Natural History scientist James D....

  2. Andrill


    Case Study

    by Graziano Scotto di Clemente Published November 23 2007

    Open day in the laboratories: Paleontology (micro and macro), Chronostratigraphy (paleomagnetism),Geochemistry and Petrology, Sedimentology,Drilling tecnology, with the scientists of Andrill Project in Mc Murdo Station. Some didactic exhibits for...

  3. Changing Faces of Yosemite

    Changing Faces of Yosemite


    by Pete DeCarolis Published January 08 2009

    This exhibition weaves a crisp, neatly packaged narrative from the grand forces that have shaped the awesome form of Yosemite Valley. The wide, meandering path through the exhibition encourages a one-way progression through the five distinct exhibit...

  4. L.A. Zone Multitouch, Multiuser Table

    L.A. Zone Multitouch, Multiuser Table

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published April 02 2010

    The L.A. Zone exhibition at the California Science Center explores the natural and man-made environments that make up the Los Angeles area. The L.A. Zone is one of eight zones found in the new Ecosystems gallery space at California Science Center. This...

  5. Fossil Mysteries / Misterios fósiles

    Fossil Mysteries / Misterios fósiles

    Case Study

    by Nan Renner Published June 21 2012

    Fossil Mysteries is about… The changing life and landscapes of one place through time— southern California and Baja California— from dinosaur times to the Ice Ages. Science is a process of asking questions and looking for answers. Look...