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  1. Be Kind Rewind

    Be Kind Rewind


    by LaShay Carr Published March 30 2008

    Extraordinaire Michel Gondry directed and produced the film "Be Kind Rewind" featuring Mos Def and Jack Black. There is an interactive installation of the film set at Deitch Gallery in Soho. You can make your own reenactments of your own self directed...

  2. Dalí and Film

    Dalí and Film


    by Matt Kirchman Published July 01 2008

    I found myself in St. Petersburg recently, so I went to the Salvador Dalí Museum and took in the exhibition, Dalí and Film. From the website: Dalí and Film (February – June, 2008) is "the first exhibition examining the profound relationship...

  3. Ford's Theatre Museum

    Ford's Theatre Museum


    by Jackie Wright Published February 16 2010

    I journeyed into Washington, DC on a quiet Sunday morning in February following one of the largest snow storms the region has experienced in years to explore a space that has stood the test of time. Ford’s Theatre, located on 10th Street NW near the...

  4. Donald W. Reynolds Education Center

    Donald W. Reynolds Education Center


    by Stephanie Fitzwater Published February 17 2010

    For people who know me, it’s not surprising to learn that Presidents Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I had visited Mt. Vernon a handful of times previously, but never with as much time or as much background knowledge from my museum...

  5. Living Foods

    Living Foods


    by Eric Leyland Published July 05 2011

    How often do we walk out of an exhibit disappointed that the opportunity to tell a great story has been lost? It may be well put together, with lots of artefacts or pictures, a film that delivers a first person account and text panels with lots of...