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  1. Seeing the Light

    Seeing the Light


    by Tom Nielsen Published May 05 2007

    On a windy March afternoon 21 years ago, I was walking up Madison Avenue in Manhattan, looping in my mind the number 590, the way then-promising, now-obsolete "bubble memory" chips had to be constantly refreshed lest they lose their data. Odd, for...

  2. Memory


    Case Study

    by Michael Pearce Published March 09 2008

    Memory began as a 1988 exhibition of paintings by the artist Franco Magnani, showing remembered scenes of his hometown in Tuscany. The late Bob Miller had seen Magnani’s work and suggested that the paintings, coupled with photos of the same views,...

  3. Bubbles



    by Tom Nielsen Published July 28 2009

    I’ve been meaning for a while to write down some thoughts about soap bubble exhibits in science centers and children’s museums; now Wendy Pollock’s recent suggestion in the Exhibit Files blog, that members contribute case studies or reviews in the...

  4. Geometry Playground

    Geometry Playground


    by Jeanne Vergeront Published February 27 2011

    Geometry Playground is unusual in at least two respects. First, it focuses on math, a topic that is underrepresented in museum exhibits. Second, it’s a traveling exhibition committed to integrating a highly experiential approach. Produced by the...