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  1. Dialogue in the Dark: An exhibition to discover the unseen

    Dialogue in the Dark: An exhibition to discover the unseen


    by Diana Issidorides Published May 23 2007

    Few exhibitions have left such a lasting impression on me as the one I couldn't see. I didn't see "Dialogue in the Dark" on a late summer day in 1997. As I entered the exhibition boat docked at the Amsterdam harbour, I was thrown from bright...

  2. Brit Insurance Designs of the Year

    Brit Insurance Designs of the Year


    by Frankie Roberto Published April 02 2008

    The latest exhibition at the Design Museum has a very simple purpose: to showcase the 100 shortlisted entries in their new annual Design Awards (sponsored by Brit Insurance). Divided into seven categories - architecture, graphics, fashion, product,...

  3. 9/11 Gallery

    9/11 Gallery


    by Bill Watson Published April 20 2008

    The 9/11 Gallery occupies approximately 1,500 square feet with an adjacent theater. The centerpiece of the gallery is part of the communication tower from the top of one of the World Trade Center buildings that fell in the attacks of 9/11/2001. The...

  4. Fast Forward

    Fast Forward


    by Chris Dornfeld Published December 28 2008

    I was fortunate enough to visit Fast Forward at MSI a week before the official opening and see first hand an impressive and thoughtful exhibition that takes a look at modern day...

  5. Eco-design handbook

    Eco-design handbook


    by Agnes RUIZ Published October 27 2010

    The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, a universcience site, has adopted an eco-responsible approach targeting its internal operations, buildings and output as well as its varied activities. Workshops have been set up regarding individual...

  6. Who Are You Peter?

    Who Are You Peter?

    Case Study

    by Stephane Bezombes Published November 01 2010

    Exhibition "Who are you Peter ?" is the opening question of this temporary exhibition, who invite visitors to travel a country where childhood fantasy and creative dialogue inspired and galvanize. Peter Pan is the boy who refuses to grow up. He lives...

  7. our countries

    our countries


    by Ivan Henderson on February 06, 2013

    Some of these works did resonate with my sense of country in ways that brought back fond and not-so-fond memories. At the same time, this exhibition employs a BROAD definition of "country," which I...