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  1. Fuel Cell Exhibit Consortium

    Fuel Cell Exhibit Consortium

    Case Study

    by Beth Redmond-Jones Published April 27 2007

    Working with Fuel Cells 2000, a program of Breakthrough Technologies Institute, Redmond-Jones & Associates organized and facilitated a consortium of museum exhibit developers/builders to develop and evaluate exhibits about fuel cells. Participants...

  2. P G & E Look Forward Bus

    P G & E Look Forward Bus

    Case Study

    by Mark Walhimer Published April 22 2008

    The PG&E Look Forward Bus travels within California and Nevada to State Fairs, Schools, Museums, Libraries and Press events to educate the kids and families on alternative energy sources, PG&E alternative energy services and how people can make a...

  3. So Watt: An Illuminating Look At Energy

    So Watt: An Illuminating Look At Energy

    Case Study

    by Erik Smith Published April 24 2008

    The goal was to provide a small exhibition that would allow visitors to explore some of the ways electricity is generated, explore the pros and cons of major types of electricity generation as well as learn about conservation efforts to implement at...

  4. Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells

    Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published April 09 2007

    Clean Power: The Promise of Fuel Cells is a computer-based interactive exhibit developed by California Science Center and Ideum. The exhibit in-depth information in three basic areas: “How fuel cells work” uses 3D animation to explain the chemical...

  5. Crookes' radiometer (Radiómetro de Crookes)

    Crookes' radiometer (Radiómetro de Crookes)

    Case Study

    by Karina Ocana Published October 05 2008

    Transforming light and heat into movement! This exhibit shows how a Crookes' Radiometer works. The radiometer was invented and constructed by Sir William Crookes to measure the energy produced by light radiations. This device is a glass bulb with a...

  6. Water: H2O = Life

    Water: H2O = Life

    Case Study

    by Bette Schmit Published April 29 2009

    Water: H2O = Life offers visitors the fascinating story of water’s influence on Earth and, simultaneously, a cautionary tale of growing demands on an essential and limited resource. Using a full palette of interpretive techniques—natural history and...

  7. Creating Current

    Creating Current

    Case Study

    by Jesse Harrington Au Published December 03 2010

    Innovative Bike based-Curriculum to help facilitate learning. That is the simplest way to describe this series of bicycle powered learning systems. The systems have been built, tested and are about hit the floor. Riding a bike is something that...

  8. Energy Efficient Car- Today and Tomorrow

    Energy Efficient Car- Today and Tomorrow


    by Jennifer Schmidt Published March 02 2011

    The Maryland Science Center (MSC) offers outstanding exhibitions and programs for teachers, students, parents, and children. The topics presented range from physics, anthropology, biology, astronomy, and atmospheric science. Upon entering the...

  9. Japan's nuclear crisis: insight for museums

    Japan's nuclear crisis: insight for museums


    by Wendy Pollock on March 13, 2011

    Alan Friedman writes today on the ISEN-ASTC list about Japan's unfolding nuclear crisis: "Many science centers have exhibitions on energy. A few centers include nuclear energy, with greater or lesser...