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  1. So Watt: An Illuminating Look At Energy

    So Watt: An Illuminating Look At Energy

    Case Study

    by Erik Smith Published April 24 2008

    The goal was to provide a small exhibition that would allow visitors to explore some of the ways electricity is generated, explore the pros and cons of major types of electricity generation as well as learn about conservation efforts to implement at...

  2. Centro interactivo de Ciencias

    Centro interactivo de Ciencias


    by Federico Abrile Published November 24 2009

    The ULP offers a new proposal. This is the 'Interactive Science Center', which is located in the Astronomical Park La Punta (Palp). This initiative adds to the park tour, and presents twelve interactive modules with activities that allow you to...

  3. Electricity



    by Paul Orselli Published April 22 2010

    Appropriately enough for a museum called The Franklin Institute, the newly-opened "Electricity" exhibition features images, artifacts, and activities that relate to the scientific work of Benjamin Franklin, as well as other aspects of...

  4. Creating Current

    Creating Current

    Case Study

    by Jesse Harrington Au Published December 03 2010

    Innovative Bike based-Curriculum to help facilitate learning. That is the simplest way to describe this series of bicycle powered learning systems. The systems have been built, tested and are about hit the floor. Riding a bike is something that...