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  1. Avatar


    Case Study

    by Carlo Maiolini Published August 03 2009

    The interactive exhibition AVATAR aims to inform a wide audience about the technology, the anthropology and the philosophy around online virtual worlds. More in particular AVATAR aims to foster a discussion on the social and cultural implications of...

  2. Walk into a painting

    Walk into a painting


    by Stephane Bezombes Published September 24 2009

    This fall, the Louvre gives a place to a multimedia installation resulting from the collaboration with MuseumLab. Three multimedia piece propose to explore new ways of analyzing the artwork and provide keys to understanding a artwork by Titian, by...

  3. Out of Hand: Materializing the Post Digital

    Out of Hand: Materializing the Post Digital


    by Luned Palmer Published April 07 2014

    Out of Hand is a great name for this exhibit- it immediately implies that the show might be a little zany, and it aptly describes how the survey of artworks in the show are created: digitally. Of course, though most of the pieces are made with 3d...