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  1. Making Models

    Making Models

    Case Study

    by Christine Reich Published April 18 2007

    For more than a decade, the Museum of Science was engaged in a major, long-term exhibition plan called "Science is an Activity" that aimed to engage visitors in activities that fostered science thinking skills. Making Models was the fourth and final...

  2. Design for the Other 90%

    Design for the Other 90%


    by Paul Orselli Published August 10 2007

    That this study of designs for some of the world poorest people is mounted in the garden of a mansion in the middle of Manhattan's East Side is an irony I am sure is not lost on most visitors. That being said, the Cooper-Hewitt has put together a...

  3. The New World of Coca-Cola

    The New World of Coca-Cola


    by Brad Larson Published September 12 2007

    I had a quick hour and a half before catching a cab to the airport, so decided to check out the New World of Coca Cola in downtown Atlanta, three months after opening in its new building. As are many other people in the museum field, I am interested...

  4. Secrets of Aging

    Secrets of Aging

    Case Study

    by Christine Reich Published November 16 2007

    Secrets of Aging explored what social science and biological research tells us about aging. There were four sections in this exhibit: Body, Mind, Society, and Longevity. The Body section provided information on how different parts of the body, such...

  5. Brit Insurance Designs of the Year

    Brit Insurance Designs of the Year


    by Frankie Roberto Published April 02 2008

    The latest exhibition at the Design Museum has a very simple purpose: to showcase the 100 shortlisted entries in their new annual Design Awards (sponsored by Brit Insurance). Divided into seven categories - architecture, graphics, fashion, product,...

  6. U-505


    Case Study

    by Steven Rosen Published May 06 2008

    See PDF.

  7. The Secret Life of Objects, an Interactive Map of Finnish Design

    The Secret Life of Objects, an Interactive Map of Finnish Design

    Case Study

    by Mariana Salgado Published July 01 2008

    The Secret Life of Objects, an Interactive Map of Finnish Design is a selection of objects from the collections dating from 1874 to 2008 on show in the Design Museum. In the interactive map visitors can give their comments about the objects and enjoy...

  8. Jukebox Memories

    Jukebox Memories

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published December 05 2007

    Jukebox Memories is a computer-based exhibit that plays #1 hit songs from the years 1955 to 1995. It was originally developed as part of the Exploratorium's Memory exhibition. A simple "question and answer" format was developed to keep visitors...

  9. Specimens in a Sustainable Environment

    Specimens in a Sustainable Environment

    Case Study

    by Jonathan Katz Published February 06 2009

    Sustainability & Specimen Display: a Conflict of Program? Key to the design program of the new California Academy of Sciences was incorporating the Academy ethos and commitment to sustainability into the design of the building. (Photo #1)The result...

  10. The Animated Artwork of Laura Vaccaro Seeger

    The Animated Artwork of Laura Vaccaro Seeger

    Case Study

    by Paul Orselli Published November 20 2008

    Laura Vaccaro Seeger is an award-winning author/illustrator who lives on Long Island. The Long Island-based Nassau County Museum of Art (NCMA) had approached Laura to mount a temporary show of original artwork from her books, but wanted to create an...

  11. Hands on Democracy

    Hands on Democracy

    Case Study

    by Regan Forrest Published August 13 2009

    Hands on Democracy is a new permanent exhibition targeted at children and families, located within sections of Old Parliament House (OPH) in Canberra. As the seat of the Australian Federal Parliament from 1927-1988, OPH is one of Australia’s most...

  12. Massive Change

    Massive Change


    by Kathleen McLean Published April 12 2007

    I first saw Massive Change at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. I had heard about it from staff at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where the exhibition originated, and from all the press materials I received, it sounded like it might be different from...

  13. Tom Tits Experiment (the whole place)

    Tom Tits Experiment (the whole place)


    by Erik Thogersen Published May 28 2010

    When staff at the Exploratorium list museums that they find inspiring, Tom Tits Experiment, located an hour outside of Stockholm Sweden, is generally near the top of the list. This May I finally had the chance to visit, and arrived with much...

  14. Designing Their Own Tools

    Designing Their Own Tools


    by Natalie Rusk on February 15, 2010

    Although our group at the MIT Media Lab designed Scratch software to be a flexible tool for young people to create their own interactive programs, we continue to be amazed by the wide variety of projects...

  15. speaking of feature creep...

    speaking of feature creep...


    by Dave Stroud on February 16, 2010

    The comment above about design reviews reminded me of this video.

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