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  1. Sun Painting

    Sun Painting


    by Wendy Pollock Published November 06 2007

    No one who's seen the Sun Painting could ever forget it. Bob Miller created this luminous exhibit during the Exploratorium's early years. A heliostat on the roof, far overhead, tracks the sun's movement and reflects the sunlight off a mirror down into...

  2. Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms

    Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms


    by Rachel Bernstein Published December 30 2008

    I could hear the exhibition "Deborah Aschheim and Lisa Mezzacappa: Earworms" before I could see it. Ethereal, haunting, melodic, the music wafted from the dark room into the sunlit entryway of the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The exhibition was...