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  1. Communication



    by Robin White Owen Published January 05 2008

    When LSC was planning the Communication exhibition for its new space, I was part of a focus group that met for several days to brainstorm ideas. It’s a really big subject and I was very curious to see how the exhibit turned out, especially after The...

  2. Mind


    Case Study

    by Erik Thogersen Published September 24 2008

    A new collection of exhibits focusing on the human Mind opened at the Exploratorium in November 2007. The exhibition focuses on three areas of psychology; attention, emotion, and judgment. This case study is not an attempt to describe the whole...

  3. Smart Art in Brain Exhibition

    Smart Art in Brain Exhibition


    by Paul Orselli on December 22, 2010

    The opening installation, by the artist Daniel Canogar, inside the new traveling Brain exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History, fills the entry with 1,500 pounds of recycled wire that are...

  4. Brain; The Inside Story

    Brain; The Inside Story


    by Andrew Haight Published December 22 2010

    The American Museum of Natural History’s latest exhibit, Brain; The Inside Story, takes the visitor on an in-depth tour by examining four of the brain’s major stories – in their terms – the Sensory Brain, the Emotional Brain, the Thinking...