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  1. Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Wild Music: Sounds & Songs of Life

    Case Study

    by Wendy Pollock Published April 10 2007

    Wild Music explores evidence for the biological origins of music through highly interactive exhibits and exceptional sound experiences—and in the process, expands our understandings of what makes music.

  2. Bolinas Wildlife Gallery

    Bolinas Wildlife Gallery


    by Eric Siegel Published August 27 2007

    We just spent a week in Bolinas, CA a sleepy little town that time forgot in West Marin, 30 miles from SF as the crow flies, 1.5 hour drive from the City, and about 40 years back from SF in subjective historical time. It is, to put it gently, stuck in...

  3. Destination Argentina

    Destination Argentina


    by Joanna Fisher Published April 19 2010

    Visits by Joanna Fisher, Lisa Thompson, Dawn Farkas, Tim Lee, Blake Wigdahl, Mark Ellis, David Stroud, Wendy Aston, Sandy Inman, Tammy Spicer and Carolyn Crowley. Between Feb 9- Apr 13 This is a group of Exhibit people from about 5 different museums...