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  1. Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World

    Beautiful Science: Ideas that Changed the World

    Case Study

    by Karina White Published June 22 2009

    "Beautiful Science" is a permanent, 2500sf library exhibition that aims to present highlights from the history of science in intriguing and accessible ways. Our primary goal: To make a (truly) engaging library exhibition, bringing the books &...

  2. Facing Mars

    Facing Mars

    Case Study

    by Aylin Doyle Published September 09 2009

    Facing Mars is a traveling exhibition that originally opened at Ontario Science Centre in 2008. The exhibition explores the challenges of a possible human voyage to Mars (and to space in general) through engineering, psychological, physiological and...

  3. A View from Space

    A View from Space

    Case Study

    by Scott Pattison Published January 09 2009

    A View from Space (VFS) is a 700 ft.² interactive, bilingual (Spanish and English) traveling exhibition that introduces visitors to NASA’s Earth Observing System satellites and fosters an appreciation for studying Earth from space. VFS targets...

  4. Space Imaging: Multitouch Multiuser Exhibit

    Space Imaging: Multitouch Multiuser Exhibit

    Case Study

    by Jim Spadaccini Published February 03 2010

    The electromagnetic spectrum has always been a tough topic to make accessible to museum visitors. After all, only a small sliver of the EM spectrum can be seen with our eyes. Most of what gets "imaged" across the spectrum, is pictured with high-tech,...

  5. Exploring the Universe

    Exploring the Universe


    by Mara Kurlandsky Published February 28 2011

    On a recent lovely Saturday, I went down to the National Air and Space Museum to check out what sorts of hands-on activities were in their exhibitions. I wandered around a bit and then discovered to my delight a cell-phone tour on offer in the Explore...

  6. Black Holes: Space Warps and Time Twists

    Black Holes: Space Warps and Time Twists


    by Elizabeth Wallach Published March 29 2011

    The Black Hole Exhibition at the Peabody Museum is an engaging interactive experience that appeals to visitors young and old. Co-developed by youth programs such as Boston’s Youth Astronomy Apprentices and Galaxy Explorers from the Chabot Science...