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  1. PLYWOOD: Material, Process, Form

    PLYWOOD: Material, Process, Form


    by Steph Samera Published March 28 2011

    Alfred H. Barr, Jr., the Museum’s founding director, with Philip Johnson as its first curator, established the Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Architecture and Design in 1932. From its inception the collection has been built on the premise...

  2. MoMA Material Lab

    MoMA Material Lab


    by Sara Boyle Published March 29 2011

    The Material Lab at the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, is a new and exciting addition for young museum visitors. The revamped space, which previously served as a Shape Lab and a Line Lab, opened to the public in mid-February. Since then, the Material...

  3. Talk To Me

    Talk To Me


    by Eric Siegel Published November 06 2011

    Paola Antonelli, who created Talk to Me at MOMA, broadcasts on a different channel than I can pick up with my antennae. Her last exhibition at MOMA, "Design and the Elastic Mind" infuriated me because of its self-congratulatory tone, its incoherence,...