Sebastian Chan

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am the Manager of the Web Services Unit at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia. My team is responsible for designing, building, maintaining and expanding the Museum’s online projects at three physical venues – the Powerhouse Museum, the Powerhouse Discovery Centre (open storage facility), and the Sydney Observatory. The team also develops in-gallery web kiosks, web interfaces for museum databases, ecommerce systems, and we offer consultancy services to other cultural instititutions and host several other organisations’ websites.

    I also run/write the Fresh + New blog covering issues and new ideas around digital media and museums at

  • Current position

  • Manager, Web Services at Powerhouse Museum

Earlier positions

  • Technical Consultant, University Library at University of NSW

  • Systems Administrator, IT Department at Powerhouse Museum


  • More about me

  • Coming from a background in social policy, journalism and media criticism as well as information technology, I have been building and producing websites and interactive media since the mid 1990s. My other interests include electronic music and digital art, and I have directed and curated large scale national and international events and festivals, as well as producing related media from radio to print.

    I am currently interested in how museums and other cultural institutions can best take advantage of new and emerging web technologies, and how these change the nature and operations of organisations.

Recent publications & presentations

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