Sally Duensing

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am a free lance consultant working on exhibition projects and museum planning with a particular interest in areas of cognitive science and perception. I am also a Visiting Professor at Kings College London and am involved in research ideas on learning in informal environments with a particular interest in how culture matters in informal settings, visitor voice on the exhibition floor and in ways museums can be and are being used as places for public dialogue to explore and debate ethical issues in science.


  • 25 years at the Exploratorium - Assistant Director, Museum Liaison, Exhibit Project Director at

Recent publications & presentations

  • "Culture Matters: Informal Science Centers and Cultural Contexts ."   Learning in Places: The Informal Education Reader


  • "The Value of ‘Dialogue EventsÂ’ as Sites of Learning: An exploration of research and evaluation frameworks, ."   International Journal of Science Education, 29(12): 1467-1487

    December 2007

  • "Now Tell Me About It: Science as a Social Activity."   ASTC Dimensions

    February 2003

  • "The Object of Experience."   Perspectives on Object- Centered Learning in Museums


  • "Special edition on museums and cultural contexts, Guest Editor ."   Journal of Museum Education

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  • "Artifacts and Artifictions."   Presence of Mind, Museums and the Spirit of Learning (AAM)