Russ Durkee

  • What I do, where I work

  • For ten years I was an exhibit prototyper at the Science Museum of Minnesota where I created interactive science exhibits. I have had the good fortune of working at SMM on exhibits for local display and in many traveling exhibitions. . My primary duties included developing new exhibits, programming user interfaces, biological signal acquisition and processing, robotics, and linux system administration. I was also the resident Science On a Sphere guru, and created two touring versions of the SOS system in the AMNH Water H20=life show that are currently traveling the US and the world. I left SMM to be a full-time Dad.

  • Current position

    • Director at Shed of Science Observatory

    • Dad at Home

Earlier positions

  • Exhibit Prototyper at Science Museum of Minnesota

  • Meteorologist at Raytheon Polar Services Company


  • More about me

  • In my spare time I enjoy teaching, traveling, and doing science. I operate a privately funded observatory I call the Shed of Science where I search for binary near Earth asteroids along with a world-wide network of professional and amateur astronomers. I also assist organizations and individuals to create state of the art robotic video telescope systems for education outreach. I am a life long student and have earned degrees in Physics, Astrophysics, and a masters degree in Meteorology. Currently I am finishing up a masters in science teaching.