Richard Kroll

  • What I do, where I work

  • I support communications professionals as
    a creative resource with timely, accurate and
    inspiring informational and visual research

    For 30 years I’ve been working with the top designers
    in the country on every conceivable type of project
    for major companies and institutions around the world.

    I have extensive exhibition design experience as
    Research Director for many award-winning,
    large-scale projects for a wide range of corporate
    and museum clients, including IBM,TRW, American
    Museum of Natural History, EPCOT, AT&T, Aetna,
    Pfizer, Volkswagen, Baseball Hall of Fame, American
    Civil War Museum, and several world’s fair pavilions.

    My responsibilities have included concept
    development, content research, timeline creation,
    exhibit copywriting, picture, artifact and film
    research and procurement, rights negotiations,
    video production, and project management.

    I’ve also done film research for Prologue, Universal,
    Icontent, Yu + Co, DreamWorks, Imaginary Forces,
    Warner Bros, Shine, and Digital Kitchen, and PIC
    Agency, among others.

  • Current position

  • Owner at Richard Kroll Research

Earlier positions

  • Researcher at Office of Charles and Ray Eames

  • Researcher at Office of Richard Saul Wurman

  • Research Director at Ramirez and Woods

  • Research Director at Siegel + Gale


  • More about me

  • For more information check out my profile on or my filmography on
    and you can view some of my film work on Vimeo

    My email address is

  • United States Exhibition

    United States Exhibition

    Case Study

    by Richard Kroll Published December 22 2009

    To present a comprehensive treatment of the energy situation in the United States in a way that would improve public understanding of both that situation and its potential solutions