Peter Samis

  • What I do, where I work

  • I lead a team of creative individuals who all care about making modern and contemporary art relevant, resonant, and exciting to everyday people. We have developed websites (e.g., “Making Sense of Modern Art,”, exhibition-specific kiosks for use in the museum (check the edu_online url below), Learning Lounges (both exhibition-specific and museum-wide), and podcasts (the “SFMOMA Artcast” series). Recently we have been experimenting with multi-platform audio/mobile tours (see the MW 2007 publication link). We try to make evaluation and documentation an integral part of our practice; sometimes we succeed better than others! ;-)

  • Current position

  • Associate Curator, Interpretation at SFMOMA

Earlier positions

  • Program Manager, Interactive Educational Technologies at SFMOMA

  • Curatorial Assistant at SFMOMA

  • Graphic Arts Council Fellow at Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts


  • More about me

  • Seminal books: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Ada, Invisible Cities, The Death of Artemio Cruz, Paris Spleen, The God of Small Things
    Favorite singer/songwriter: Bob Dylan (1962-1966)
    Favorite contemporary artists: Anish Kapoor, Ann Hamilton, Anselm Kiefer, Bill Viola, Mary Curtis Ratcliff

    I live in Berkeley, CA and really like it there.

Recent publications & presentations