Ocean, climate and us


of an Exhibition

by Agnes RUIZ

Published on May 31, 2011, Modified on June 08, 2011

  • Description:

    This 1000 sq m exhibition, currently presented at Cité des sciences in Paris, until the end of 2012, is organized into 3 parts:
    1) How does the ocean influence the climate?
    2) How does the ocean modify today?
    3) How do human beings adapt to those changes?

    While entering the exhibition, the visitor is facing an immersive experiment. In a wide empty space, screens (5 meters high!) surround us. Using a special multimedia technique, the visitor can walk (and stand for a while) on a white round: the image of the ocean will instantly disappear to explain a fact about ocean, climate or our influence about it.
    The exhibition also presents various objects and techniques used to collect various measures within the ocean. In a word, the museography is appealing and perfectly reflects the topic.

    Along the exhibition, the visitor can learn about various hypotheses, through multimedia and hands-on (but also some live animals… such as a cute jellyfish). The serial of films about case studies, with actors defending the causes of populations which are threatened by those changes in climate and ocean (such as an Indian, a Maldivian, an Inuit…), is very educational and makes the visitor feeling more concerned about those issues.
    A multimedia strategy game is also there aiming at raising awareness about the consequences of human activities, and how is it difficult to change some parameters, without affecting too far the others.
    At the end of the exhibition, to reinforce the interactivity, the visitors can ask questions to specialists through a computer. Everybody can then consult the answers of the website of the exhibition (www.cite-sciences.fr/ocean-climat-et-nous ). This initiative is called there “Visit +”, and I think it is a good way for visitors to think further. And it is also the role of a science museum to answer the questions raised by the exhibition they present!

    A TV show (“Thalassa”) from the Public Television Group has produced a nice video showing well the exhibition. You can click here on the weblink:
    You can also see some pictures of the exhibition of the exhibition website: http://www.cite-sciences.fr/ocean-climat-et-nous

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