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  • Mr. Rothman is the sole proprietor at Rothman Natural Science Illustration where he prepares painstakingly developed 2-D reconstructions of both extant and extinct habitat groups for institutional placement, as well as developing editorial, magazine, and commercial print renderings. Mr. Rothman has participated as a field artist on three expeditions in the undisturbed lowland rain forests of central French Guiana (with Dr. Scott Mori of the Institute of Systematic Botany at the New York Botanical Garden), and on two ethnobotanical surveys in Western Samoa (with Dr. Paul A. Cox of BYU). Much of his artistic view of the global environment and the utterly complex interrelationship between the flora and fauna of the natural world, as well as the overarching effect of humankind on the biome, has been influenced by immersion in these endeavors. He sees his role as both an investigative artist and “describer” to the public at large. Website:

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  • Director and sole proprietor at Rothman Natural Science


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