Mary Jo Sutton

  • What I do, where I work

  • I’m an exhibit wrangler and planner these days. I’ve worked both independently and inside for museums for about 20 years. At my heart, I believe the museum experience should have an element of delight, pleasure and beauty. Though poignant sadness can be part of the deal too as I’ve done a fair bit of shows about traditional cultures and nature. I’m very interested in outdoor learning environments having grown up mostly outside, often in trees and having spent the last 8 years creating a magical outdoor learning environment for families with very young kids. I’m currently working with The Oakland Museum of California as part two teams redoing of 2 of their permanent galleries.

  • Current position

  • Exhibit Wrangler at Oakland Museum

Earlier positions

  • Director of Exhibitions at Bay Area Discovery Museum

  • Lead Designer at California Academy of Sciences

  • Instructor Exhibit Design/Development at JFK University

  • Designer at Gordon Chun Design, Berkeley