Marc Chagall: Monstres, Chimeres et Figures Hybrides


of an Exhibition

by Gretchen Jennings

Published on September 14, 2007, Modified on September 19, 2007

  • Description:

    “Marc Chagall: Monsters, Chimeras, and Hybrid Figures” is a temporary exhibition ( 28 June-29 October) at the museum bearing the artist’s name. The museum itself is a small, spare site on Cimiez, the hill above Nice. Set in a Mediterranean garden of olive trees and plantings of rosemary and thyme, the building and its surroundings are beautifully integrated to communicate the the sense of calm and spirituality that Chagall’s biblical works contain. The collection includes examples of the stained glass windows Chagall made for various patrons. This special exhibition concentrates on the mythological and biblical animals and human/animal composites that fly and dance through many of Chagall’s paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. There was only one long label at the entry, in French and English, that helped one understand various figures such as the fish (his father worked in a herring factory) and the bull (his grandfather was a kosher butcher)that appear often. Otherwise visitors had to make their own connections with the works, which were wonderful but without any interpretation. Probably there was more information in the catalogue for 35 euros (about $50 and getting more expensive by the day as the dollar drops…)Not especially family friendly but a real treat for adults. When there are no temporary exhibitions, the permanent collection is on display. Well worth a visit!

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