Liza Pryor

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  • Senior Exhibit Developer/Project Leader
    Science Museum of Minnesota


  • Exhibit Developer at Science Museum of Minnesota

  • Exhibit Researcher at Science Museum of Minnesota


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  • I began work at the Science Museum in 1993 as an exhibit development intern on Hunters of the Sky, a traveling exhibit about birds of prey. I was hired on staff in 1994, continuing to work with the Hunters of the Sky project through its completion. I left the exhibits division to be the lead floor supervisor for the special exhibits gallery (1995-96), installing, striking, supervising, and participating in programming for eight different traveling exhibits. From 1996-97 I was hall manager for the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery. I returned to the exhibits division in 1997 as an exhibit researcher for the If These Walls Could Talk traveling exhibit. In 1998, I was promoted to exhibit developer for If These Walls Could Talk (later renamed Raise the Roof. I acted as lead developer for the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery in the new facility; the museum’s touring exhibit When Crocodiles Ruled; Invention at Play, an exhibit for sale to the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation; and Phase I of the design/development of California Science Center’s World of Ecology. I’m currently the project leader for Science Buzz, the Science Museum’s “current science” exhibits and programs, and for the museum’s contributions to the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net), an initiative to get exhibits about nanotechnology into 100 museums in the next five years.

    In her 2007 Master’s thesis, Lynne Bethke described the blog portion of Science Buzz as ‘an excellent blog to visit for exciting, weird, and fascinating posts on up to the minute science stories and issues.’ I wish those words described me, too. I love Science Buzz, since it gives me the opportunity to satisfy my wide-ranging curiosity and tell stories every day. When I’m not obsessively checking in on Science Buzz, or consulting on other projects, I can generally be found evangelizing about my iPhone, dreaming of finding the St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion, gossiping about Project Runway, imagining a world without mayonnaise or what it would be like to find a live giant squid, or thinking about what sort of job I might like to have when I grow up. If I ever grow up…

  • Science Buzz

    Science Buzz

    Case Study

    by Liza Pryor Published July 24 2008

    Science happens all around us, all the time. Multiple-award-winning Science Buzz grew out of an initiative to develop and test ways to tell stories about "current science" and make it relevant to visitors. (The definition of "current science"...

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