Leilah Lyons

  • What I do, where I work

  • I’m now an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a dual Computer Science/Learning Sciences appointment. I obtained my PhD in Fall 2008 in the Intelligent Systems concentration in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. My background is pretty evenly divided between artificial intelligence, education, and art, so naturally I’m now researching educational software design. My dissertation is broadly concerned with the design of multi-user simulation-based exhibits for museum floors (people do tend to visit in groups, after all), and I’ve been specifically investigating the use of handheld devices (e.g., PDAs, cell phones) in conjunction with a larger shared display to support cooperative group learning. I’m also very keen on using simulations of complex systems to introduce visitors to emergent phenomena.

  • Current position

  • Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago

Earlier positions

  • PhD Candidate at University of Michigan

  • Intern at Exploratorium

  • Intern at Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

  • Project Lead at ERC-RMS Museum Exhibit Project