Kristen Vogt

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am a doctoral student at UIC’s department of Curriculum and Instruction. I am also an evaluator for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, as well as a manager for a large arts nonprofit.

    My academic focus is on informal learning environments (with a special interest on inquiry) and how urban classrooms can utilize informal learning spaces.


  • Measurement and Documentation Manager at Urban Gateways

  • Manager of Education and Events at International Museum of Surgical Science

  • Research Assistant at Learning Sciences Research Institute

  • Youth and Family Programs Teacher at Pacific Science Center

  • Education Coordinator at Coos Historical and Maritime Museum

  • Education Intern and Lead Teacher at Lubbock Lake Landmark

  • Event and Outreach Coordinator at Southern Illinois University Museum

  • More about me

  • I like swimming, SCUBA, knitting, hiking, beach clean ups (a souvenir from my Americorps experience), the state of Oregon, and visiting museums and aquariums.

  • Operation Mom's Couch

    Operation Mom's Couch


    by Kristen Vogt Published March 22 2016

    Operation Mom’s Couch is an exhibit of reflective artwork by artist and veteran, Eric Garcia, showcased at the National Veteran’s Art Museum in Chicago. Opening on February 26th, 2016, this solo show focuses on the experience and reflections of...

  • American Moments: The Legacy of Greek Immigration’

    American Moments: The Legacy of Greek Immigration’


    by Kristen Vogt Published February 28 2016

    Visiting the National Hellenic Museum, and its permanent exhibit (‘American Moments: The Legacy of Greek Immigration’), was, in many ways, both a surprise and an expected treat. Like many ethnic museums in Chicago, it is a smaller institution...

  • Living with Wolves

    Living with Wolves


    by Kristen Vogt Published June 05 2013

    The latest exhibit held in the Field Museum, ‘Living with Wolves’ records the experience of Jim and Jamie Dutcher, as they observed wild wolves while deep inside the interior of Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness. Using both intimately detailed...

  • Pert Museum of Antique Fabric Care

    Pert Museum of Antique Fabric Care


    by Kristen Vogt Published March 12 2013

    A museum is, in many cases, started with an interesting collection of objects by an avid collector who often feels a personal connection to the history and story of the objects. Said collector often then donates the collection to an existing public...