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Case Study

of an Exhibition

by Jon Haavie

Published on March 24, 2009, Modified on April 10, 2017

  • Description and goals

    On November 1st 2009 the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology received the Leading Edge Award for “Best Visitor Experience” on the exhibition “Klima X”. “Klima X” shows the causes, effects and possible solutions to global warming. Visitors must put on rubber boots to enter the exhibition area. The exhibition floor is covered with 10 cm of water to illustrate the effect of increasing sea level. Enormous melting ice cubes symbolise the melting of the Arctic ice cap. The visitors use remote controlled boats to visit different geographical places “around the world”. By entering one of the harbours with the boat, the visitor can start a short movie featuring a climate witness telling how global climate change is affecting their lives today.

    Please note that a full exhibition description can be downloaded from here: http://www.exhibitfiles.org/dfile2/ReviewWalkthrough/365/original/Klima__X__New.pdf

    The exhibition has also been reviewed at ExhibitFiles here:

    The exhibition ”Klima X” had as principal objective to create an exciting, challenging, educating and popular interactive exhibition on global climate change.

    Sub-goals were
    • Increase the knowledge about the climate system and global climate change,
    • Show why research in the Polar Regions is important for the understanding of global climate change
    • Increase the knowledge on how to reduce the negative impact of human activities
    • Give the visitors a physical experience of the consequences of global climate change
    • Show the visitors how global climate change is affecting peoples life around the world today
    • Use interactive installations to challenge visitors on controversial issues
    • Have a visitor number of at least 350.000 visitors during the exhibition period, at least 100.000 pupils of which 10.000 are attending the educational program

    Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, director of the IPCC and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, opened the exhibition on December 11, 2007.

  • Development process and challenges

    The innovative Swedish architecture studio, Codesign, lead by Mr. Peter Ullstad, created the exhibition design. The development of the exhibition took about a year.

    During the building process the plans, design and content was reviewed on several occasions by an external reference group representing front scientists, research centers, NGOs and businesses.

    After the exhibition opened, the museum has conducted polls and received feedback from visitors, teachers and others, as well as a thorough internal evaluation. Several steps have been taken to make small improvements to the exhibition and the educational program as a result of these processes.

  • Lessons learned, mistakes we made (and what we did about them)

    We carried out an evaluation by using a questionary. The results are attached in the file below. Responses were very positive (average score 5.1 out of 6) but a few exhibits where changed to make them more visible in order to be more detectable to the visitors.

    The settings with a lot of activity, noise and water might be challenging for some people to read in. The evaluation showed that about 6 out of 10 visitors read some of the text in the exhibition and that some visitors thought there was to much text in the exhibition. Therefore we also printed all the text in the exhibition in a exhibition catalog. One out of 3 short films had voice. To make it easier to understand the voice, subtitles were also added this movie.

    People and especially children love water to the degree that they do not care about getting wet. Although the number of visitors getting wet where low, it was important to keep spare dry cloths they could use while we could dry the wet ones.

    The feedback installations, ”Vote with your feet”, ”send a climate tip to your friends by MMS” and ”write to a political party” where highly successful. These installations challenged the visitors on controversial issues, induced discussions in the exhibition and gave the visitors the opportunity to ”do something that matters”.

    The number of visitors to the museum and this exhibition exceeded all expectations. The visitor number to the museum has increased and more than 500 school classes have taken part in the educational program in the first year. The exhibition has also created much interest abroad, and attracted visitors from large museums and science centers in Europe, USA, Canada and even Asia. By building an attractive exhibition on climate change and the importance of research, this project has even inspired other museums and science centers.

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Review at Exhibitfiles

by Jon Haavie - March 26, 2009


Awards to Klima X

by Jon Haavie - November 03, 2009

On October 30th 2009 Klima X received the ”Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Award for Visitor Experience” by The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). Previously, Klima X has also received the award for ”the most innovative exhibition in the Nordic countries in 2009”.

The exhibition will be closed at 31th of December 2009. All ASTC members are welcome to see the exhibition and talk with the creators.

Film from the exhibition

by Jon Haavie - April 20, 2010

The exhibition is now out for rent. You can see a film from the exhibition on youtube here:

Klima X

by Matthew Green - May 25, 2015

Greetings. I’m working on an immersive (although not immersion) exhibit at a science museum in Portland, Oregon, USA. I’m wondering if the content of the fantastic Klima X exhibit is available in text form… we have a volunteer who is Norwegian and would be able to translate the text. Please let me know. Thanks,
Matt Green

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