Kevin Winters

  • What I do, where I work

  • I am president and creative director of Ganymede Design Group, a firm I founded in 1995. Ganymede is a museum planning + interpretive design firm focused on the development, programming and architecture of academic, cultural and interpreted interiors.


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  • Ganymede Design Group specializes in the conceptualization, development and design of interpretive environments such as those found in museums, galleries and cultural centers. Our work reflects the synergy of over 75 years combined professional experience in the fields of interpretive exhibit planning, gallery design, graphic design, education and project management… as well as individual creative work in several arts disciplines. Although Ganymede was born as an independent Exhibit Design entity in 1995, our professional relationships with one another stretch back to the 1980s.

    How Do We Work?
    All Ganymede collaborations are the product of a working partnership with our clients. Effective communication between team members is elemental. Each project begins by defining the client’s audience and giving thoughtful consideration to the project objectives, be they aesthetic, informational, emotional or some combination of these and other fundamental factors. Every exhibit and every interior should become a uniquely personal experience for the visitor. Our projects are culturally sensitive and user-friendly, and our focus is ALWAYS to create experiences that are elegant, intelligent, engaging and respectful of the individuals who will explore them.

  • HOME: Native People in the Southwest

    HOME: Native People in the Southwest

    Case Study

    by Kevin Winters Published January 11 2009

    The 2005 reinstallation of the Heard Museum’s permanent collection was a $7.6 million project that required the remodel and redesign of 21,000 square feet of interior and exterior exhibition spaces, including the integration of new technologies and...

  • Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum

    Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum

    Case Study

    by Kevin Winters Published January 09 2009

    Community Collaboration: Himdag Ki: Hekihu, Hemu, Im B I-Ha’ap Topawa, Arizona, 2006 Ganymede Design Group worked hand-in-hand with Durrant Architects of Tucson, Arizona, from the outset of the project, providing consultation regarding specific...